Here are some excellent ideas of what editors want in a book in order to say the word all writers want to hear, “YES!” Read this and then let me know when you get published.

Mona Alvarado Frazier

It’s Happy Hour Friday and I’m leaving for the weekend. In the interest of shortcuts and the desire to share a worthwhile article, I think you’ll like the tips below. If you have time be sure to click on Ms. Lizzi’s previous post, it’s also beneficial for novice writers. Happy Mardi Gras parties…I must remember to pack my boas.

Why We Say Yes: One Editor’s List

Posted by Marian Lizzi
My previous post seems to have struck a chord with some readers, including a few authors who found it a little…what’s the word…negative.
I will admit, upon further reflection, that I probably shouldn’t have revealed the little trade secret I’ll call SCLUF (“skillful, competent, literate, and ultimately forgettable”). A bit too harsh for author consumption? I apologize. But now you know.
Let’s move on to the much happier flipside. Here’s my personal list of reasons for wanting to buy—or at…

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Amada Irma Perez is an author, educator, motivational speaker and facilitator of writing groups. She has published the award-winning bilingual books: My Very Own Room/Mi propio cuartito, My Diary from Here to There/Mi Diario de aquí hasta allá, Nana's Big Surprise/Nana !Que sorpresa. She is currently working on a "how to" book: "My Handy Writing Book: A New Fun & Easy Way to Write Stories," a novel and a poetry book. She lives in Ventura, California.
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